About ERC Tax Experts

Practice & Experience

Our team of CPAs, JDs, and payroll experts bring decades of experience in the accounting and professional services industries

Combining this experience with deep technical expertise, we’ve developed a cutting-edge analytical model that streamlines the ERC process while strategically maximizing the refundable credit for eligible employers – on average, our clients get 40% more ERC money than payroll companies or traditional income tax CPAs.

Through painstaking and calculated review and analysis of COVID-19 legislative relief packages and hundreds of pages of IRS guidance, our technical experts have developed a carefully supported strategy that has allowed many Clients to access their full ERC benefits – up to $26,000 per employee – even if they took a first and/or second-round PPP loan.

We are so confident in our specialized approach, that our services are offered with a “pay us when you get paid” guarantee.

What Makes Us Stand Out


We have the experience

We have used our years of experience in accounting and professional services and channeled this experience towards helping business owners take full advantage of this highly complex COVID-19 relief measure.


We stay one step ahead

We strategically focus on ERC and do not provide ancillary accounting or advisory services. This allows us to stay miles ahead of other CPAs and advisors that offer ERC support as a supplemental service offering.

Our team has meticulously reviewed the CARES Act, Consolidated Appropriations Act, and American Rescue Plan to ensure that we are in full compliance with the ERC rules while ensuring that our clients take advantage of the full ERC benefits.


We monetize your credit, fast

Currently, the IRS is not providing any estimates related to the timing of credit receipt. However, with over 1.8 million paper payroll tax returns in the backlog you could be waiting 8-12 months to get your ERC check from the US Treasury.

With ERC Tax Experts, clients that qualify can receive their funds in as little as two weeks following the submission of a client package to the IRS. This is not available anywhere else.

The ERC Tax Experts Team

Kenneth Dettman

Senior Advisor

Jesse Cox


Client Testimonials

Don't just listen to us - here's what clients say about our work:

ERC Tax Experts is a no-brainer for any startup. Free cash is certainly a strong value prop, there's no reason not to let them save you money.

Corey Jacobson

Co-founder at ACME

No deal with the devil, no gotcha. Dealing with the government is opaque and annoying, ERC Tax Experts makes it so companies don’t have to deal with it themselves.

Rhiana Bostock

Head of Marketing

ERC Tax Experts is literally on track to give us $100k in free money this year, that’s entirely insane.

Bobby O'Sullivan

Growth Hacker

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